November 27, 2009


MORNIN PEOPLE!!!!!...arini bangun sangat awal dan settle up diri sangat awal..thousands claps to me haha.seronok rupe nye jadi mornin people neyh dan rase nye nak terus begini =)) owhh..eventhough di serang kegatalan time pagi2 bute neyh, memang giler gatal la!!!! badan ponoh ngan redspots macam baru pas jatuh kat sarang nyamok..aissh timekaseh kepada adik2ku yang suke meluangkan masa MAKAN dkat atas katil along kamu yg terchinta neyh..hehe nway xksa..ase nak basoh bedsheet and clean the room..oh3 talking bout mesti ramai people outhere yang makan LEMBU an????hahaha SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI TO ALL MY FRIENDS =)) plan for hari raye????..hmm nohing much..ase nyer stay kat uma and bake some cakes for mum and dad..hahaha BAIK KAN???oh3 i noe =P ermm rase nyer today is alot better than yesterday =) sbb BANGUN AWAL dan berjaya bangun lg awal dr mak n ayah =D..haha dont misunderstood people!!! aku slalu bangun awal for some reason la.contoh nye..kne attend klas + g date hehe..well itu lah hidup..i started to enjoy holiday =)) tapi kadang2 jadi xske balik tehadap HOLIDAY YG MAHA BUSAN neyh...i miss my friends huuu..ok2 i think this is enough for today's entry..banyak da ngarot..-ADIOS-

November 25, 2009

nothing to say..

holiday..i hate u!!!!
i miss u syg..='((

November 23, 2009

source of my laughter =))

miss you lah dear..

ilysm ='))
i wonder he let me upload this picture or not..hahaha

November 22, 2009


mornin people!!!!!..THIS IS MY FIRST OFFICIAL POST..after some constructions i think.. im satisfied with how it appear simple =) and that is the way i want it to boyfie pic on top hahaha im not jiwang..i luv him..ermm i dont think i can update this blog for everyday, besides im not expecting any viewers and followers..aku banyak benda nak wat other things to do..its holiday btw..and its lame!!!!busan giler im stuck in home 24/7..aisshh

November 21, 2009

Ohh dear..

yaitzz!!!!the blog is still under construction..hahaha i know it appears shitty..i will upgrade it from time to time..i just need some pics and a lots of crazy ideas haha..aish not to mention i have no time to spend for this.xpe2..ill try my best -ADIOS-