July 20, 2010

nothing much to be say here, I'm on my way to get some sleep and hope for good and nice dreams to come :) my add drop course problem show up again so i am a lil bit dizzy wizzy and stress up :| well that is clearly not a good thing. just now, i feel that i can't concentrate and my mind went blank, i just can't absorb any input right now. dang!! even the kirchoff's law can drive me become more and more disastrous and i need help!!!! :(

July 18, 2010

its not bieber fever but its frog fever baby!!!!hahaha

Found at bee mp3 search engine

peace is finally mine! hohohoho

yeah its raining cats and dogs, its cold and I'm hungry :| nothing much happen today but it is a happy Sunday indeed. hope you guys are having a blast as well. i miss my family damn much :') at time like this, it always remind me of them.well the long conversation that i have last night abate much the anxiety i had in past 2 days. now i can concentrate on my assignment and others. yeay!!

i need to do star gazing to complete my assignment for modern physics :| yeah i know it is a fun thing but still i fail to see any stars here and i don't think pakcik dan makcik bintang will show up tonight either cuz its raining :| haiyo bintang-bintang please understand my workload.. i need to do report and observation laaaahhhhh!!!!! Timah and some course mate have plan to do star gazing together which we also call a "star gazing party" and yes we're excited bout it. hope the stars will come out soon so we can gather and chill up :) ops what i mean is we can complete the assignment together hahaha.

chow guys.!! need to get shower .. :) bye

i am not letting you go no matter i said before you're a big deal to me :')

July 17, 2010

saturday means B-O-R-I-N-G

just finish my laundry and I'm in piss off mood right now :| i had a tough night yesterday, and it all end up with my eyes swollen and it sores a lots..demm!! okay lets not talk bout things past, today i have breakfast with PIAH and ZATY at Pusan, we all have the same menu for breakfast except for Zaty, she didn't put much add up ingredient into the bubur but never mind different people have different thought right? anyway Zaty's bubur still taste awesome :) me likey hahaha..

ouh suppose today i have KO-K class at ATMA and the girls (Piah and Zaty) are in the same class as well but it is cancel and we're not inform bout that. terima kasih lah for let us waiting :| they really should let us know in the first place or at least announce it in SPIN..grrr

so now, i am alone here in my room kerana Piah telah meninggalkan saya untuk menemui bonda nya and we'll be meeting again after 24hrs hahaha kejap kan? it feels quiet here :| the geology girls are off for their fieldwork and only me and Zaty left here. been thinking to lepak-lepak at Zaty's room but i think she is still having her good nap right now :| maybe later i 'll go check.this is the situation that i will be facing over and over again for every weekend haiyoooo.busan laa :|okeh need to off now,till then :) adiossss!!!!!

July 16, 2010

all things checked!!!!!

:) I'm happy that all things are settle now, yeah it feels awesome and kindda relief when all the burdens are taken away. bout the add drop course thing i mention before, i have decided to take WT course later and replace it with U3 course and today with my roommate help, cik piah kita hehe i get my stuff back. so there will be another cleaning and unpacking process after this, maybe I'll do that after i get some rest :| I am crazy tired and exhausted plus damn sleepy.adios peeps

piah hebat provoke manusia!!

July 15, 2010

wiheee i only have 2 class for today :) but I'm still not register for another WT course yet. i was hoping to get into TTS class but its full and Mr. Prof. ask us to find other WT class ceh!! sayang betol, the lecturer is very nice and from what i heard TTS is easy to score :( so i decided to take astronomy class but there are clashes with other subject demmm :| hope the add drop problem will be settle by tomorrow.

i am planning to go to ptsl and find some references, serway book is no more number one reference book now hahaha and If i were to buy the references book it will cost me a lot of money -,-" that will be my second choice of course. I am not expecting much on the quality of the book i get from PTSL cuz so far it is never satisfying. maybe I'll go find some good books at borders or mph if i don't find any references book that i can use. we'll see bout that tonight.

ouh thanks to Zaty for accompanying me today hahaha pergi menegakkan hak pengguna. haishh apek lu nasib hensem tau kalau tak wa sudah kasi marah sama lu..After problem settle, we have breakfast at the bakery in PUSAN :) bubur tu sedap and i am ashamed to admit this is my first time having that bubur hahaha bak kata Timah lambat sungguh ko!!

Life been great right now except for my budget issue and not meeting up with Apiz, the add drop problem also will be settle soon, i hope :) Encik Apiz i am looking and waiting to meet up with you again.ouh and if you're reading this entry, please don't forget to text me your address ye Encik :) ilysm

July 13, 2010

there is no title cuz i don't i have any idea.hahahahahahaha

again i loss my interest in blogging :| oiii.. this is so abnormal okeh and this is so not me. lots a thing to tell but still i'm not writing any, maybe the crazy-posting-entry mood has vanish or i left it somewhere at home. geez i use to post very long entry and all of a sudden the words are getting very few and there is no more 3 and 4 paragraph hahaha and now i only enjoy reading my friends blog :) believe me i am absolutely their loyal peeps right now.hoho

July 12, 2010

"kak boleh bukak stor tu awal skit x? sebab saya tak stay kat blok ni lagi nak angkut barang g blok bru ni. lagi pon kete ade skrg ni je, boleh x??

xboleh, saya bz! (sambil makan epal, plus muka mcm bru bgn tido)

barang saya byk nak angkut la kak (tgah bengang suam-suam kuku)

xboleh la!!! tgu je la (hempas pintu)

double triple bengang!!! F lah akak tersebut!!!!! :( "

July 11, 2010

tahun kedua go-go-go!!!!

today i meet long-time-no-see friends, its awesome to gather again and make noise some more :) we seriously have our own settlement now and how we wish that we can break those bricks so we can stay in one room together hahahaha but clearly it wont happen. the unpacking process is driving me mad so lets not talk bout it. I'm not going to jot much tonight sangat penat dan pinggang sudah terbalik :| geeez sleep is badly needed. so see ya peeps! sorry for the short update.