July 18, 2010

peace is finally mine! hohohoho

yeah its raining cats and dogs, its cold and I'm hungry :| nothing much happen today but it is a happy Sunday indeed. hope you guys are having a blast as well. i miss my family damn much :') at time like this, it always remind me of them.well the long conversation that i have last night abate much the anxiety i had in past 2 days. now i can concentrate on my assignment and others. yeay!!

i need to do star gazing to complete my assignment for modern physics :| yeah i know it is a fun thing but still i fail to see any stars here and i don't think pakcik dan makcik bintang will show up tonight either cuz its raining :| haiyo bintang-bintang please understand my workload.. i need to do report and observation laaaahhhhh!!!!! Timah and some course mate have plan to do star gazing together which we also call a "star gazing party" and yes we're excited bout it. hope the stars will come out soon so we can gather and chill up :) ops what i mean is we can complete the assignment together hahaha.

chow guys.!! need to get shower .. :) bye

i am not letting you go no matter i said before you're a big deal to me :')

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