April 26, 2010

end 1

i have put my blogging activity to a full stop.soon i will abandon my fb too hahaha can't believe i write this in conscious :P but yeah this is seriously true, maybe in few days more you won't see anymore updates from me.I'm sorry but certain thing is better left unsaid and be share with someone you called best friend or whoever you close to.. well this is not bout me loss issue to be jot no no there are things I've been thinking to share with you all handsome and gorgeous peeps hehe but in the same time I am afraid that the entries will irritate some of you and they'll get annoy with me :| so i decided to shut everything and keep it personal.

my first year of degree will end in four days time, wah just can't wait to go back home :) but seriously it will be my hardest time since i have move to Malacca and he is still in KL area :| sigh..the worse part is we won't meet up till July.dang!!.i will miss YOU even more :'| ouh and another thing is little by little my attention to this write-everything-i-want activity fade out haha maybe I'm the kind of person who get bored i have something big to be done wuuuttttttt!!!! kindda excited bout it hahaha.

guys i will write a lot this time, takot kamo semua rindu saya nanti hoho :P I'm still in exam mode and have two more papers left and both of them are killing me.hope the result will turn out to be ok since my carry marks was a disaster.but anyway, everything will end soon and i still can't believe that i've almost complete my 1 year study..wah 2 sems feels like 2 minutes,things come and go fast like a rocket weeeee~~what i can say here is treasure the life and your friends before its to late, get to know people around you better and make friends with other :) cuz here, friends is what you really need and don't isolate yourself yeah.don't stick to a friend only make lots and lots of friend.seriously you'll agree with what I'm saying when you're in my shoes.true friend is the one who always be with you :) ouh and I still can't remember the names and route to certain building here.just know I am confuse where Lobi Utama is, haha shame on me that is the place near my theater training where i have spend half of my 1st year life here.damn lah!!!

there are some moments that touched me inside and i will never forget.the sweet,fun and joyful things..the serious conversation i have with my friends especially ULYA,ZATY AND PIAH cuz they are the closest person with me here.thank you for being such a wonderful friends I'm talking like I almost graduate and leave the university hahaha stop it..
so much to tell but i think i have to stop now.later i will post one more entry and that will be the last one haha.i dunno when to continue blogging again after this.sorry gtg EM is calling me huuu..wish me luck for the exams.I am crossing my fingers and hope not to forget all those formula and theory i have memorize yesterday :|

April 23, 2010

i slept like i never did before!!! hairan lah panadol 2 ketol boleh buat tido lame.i bet 5 tablets is enough to make me sleep forever hohoho. I'm not in the mood to update and nothing to be tell here. sorry saya sibuk memeningkan kpale yg serabot nih dgn dua subjek yg sebenar nye saya xpam lansong (did i spell it right??) maaf yeh.damn i can see lots of new acne on my forehead!!!!cisssss..saje nak bg aku nampak lebih huduh :( okeh enough talking chin chow~~ouh can't wait for 30th yeehaaaa

April 22, 2010

satu dua tiga empat hari ni saya dapat banyak feed-back dari mereka yang baca blog nih. surprisingly, they really follow my updates :) i love you all gorgeous peeps hahaha..

cuma pesanan mereka "ko jgn nak menjiwa san
gat hahahahaha"

yeah, i know that will be the entries bout me and apiz :) sorry, I'm just happy and expressing it and I just hope you guys have a good life as well. believe me there is other blogger who did the same.minta perhatian,this is my blog and because it's mine i can write whatever i want.if it's annoyed you then why bother to read hohoho

haha..apsal xpuas ati lagi??

p/s: you're something serious to me.
Looking forward to meet up with you later :)

April 20, 2010

"if you're wearing tudung then act like one,you can't just jump here and there with your hijab stick to your head.its rare!! and don't let other people put negative thoughts on you.behave :) "

location: Tun Sri Lanang library


cam nak gila kan??
wish us luck for titas paper tomorrow

April 19, 2010

readers!!!! friends!!!!
alert bout the poll on your top right
vote and vote
thank you for who does :)
only 2 days left..argghhh

April 18, 2010

nak tgk muke otak ketat x?


jgn jd macam saya
study last minute
credit to makcik yg amek gambar sewel ni

btw, don't forget to vote yeah peeps
see on your right..
ada survey kan??!!!!!!

NO its not because I'm hungry that I post this picture
i just miss the sweet and fun moments i had with the person with me at that time :)
well its a very happy day that i couldn't stop replaying all that in my mind.

thank you and i am missing you damn a lots!!!!

April 17, 2010


- BOLD the statements that ARE true to you
- ITALICIZE the statements that you WISH were true.
- Leave the fibs alone.
  • 170cm tall
  • I don’t know what I want at the moment
  • I’m not happy
  • I hate my friends
  • I hate my life
  • i hate my greds
  • i can drive
  • I’m bored of driving
  • i love dancing
  • I go clubbing every week
  • Shopping is bullshit
  • I have a tattoo of a star
  • I got my navel pierced
  • I have friends that take drugs
  • 90% of my friends smoke
  • I still hang out with my ex, even though our break up was rather nasty
  • I’m studying Fashion
  • I have a business running
  • I hate cartoons
  • I hate someone
  • I have 10 Lollipops handbags
  • I buy CLEO every month
  • My parents don’t know about my blog
  • I have an iPod
  • I don’t have faith in the current “one”
  • My school mates know about my FB
  • I wanted to be a fashion designer
  • I love rock emo bands.
  • I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups
  • My parents have faith in me
  • I’ve bought shoes this month
  • A blogger bitched about me before
  • I hate sports
  • I hate Italian food
  • I hate meeting new people
  • I hate nail polish
  • The mother bear gives me hugs
  • People should start appreciating me
  • High school was the worst time of my life
  • I have red hair
  • I’m a guy.
  • I’m scared of my Biology result exam which I’m going to face someday tomorrow.
  • I hate vacations
  • We’ll last i believe in long distance relationship
  • I’m going to get high and smoke weed one day soon.
  • I’ve robbed an old lady.
  • I’m starting to like applying make-up
  • I was a tomboy
  • At times I think I still am a tomboy.
  • I love bitching about people behind their backs
  • I still have a best friend
  • I have a cat
  • I hate surprise parties
  • I hate planning parties I'm hot
  • I’m a sinner
  • I’ve got a DS light
  • I have a Wii
  • I cant live without music
  • Video games are a waste of time
  • I miss the father bear
  • I love being in love
  • I know how to cook
  • Boys are assholes
  • I hate Math
  • I’m happy with what I have
  • I love horror films
  • I slept in my parents’ room for 3 days after watching Scream when I was a kid
  • My old friends keep in touch with me
  • I don’t read newspapers
  • The news is such a waste of time
  • Blogging is a waste of time
  • I hate animals
  • I can't live without make-up
  • I curse like a pirate.
  • I’m happy with my 11 year old car
  • I hate people that are smart
  • I love orange juice
  • I can’t drink for nuts.
  • I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity
  • I’ve got a new phone
  • I’m going to get a new pair of shoes by the end of this month
  • I love swimming
  • I haven’t worked out since March
  • I think I’m fat
  • I love my friends and family

p/s: a survey that i just have to share with you dear peeps.hahaha btw mekasih Dee :)

we should all come back to our Creator...

seharusnya kita sedar akan kesilapan yang telah di lakukan dan memikirkan akan salah masa lampau.bertaubat dan mohon lah keampunan dari Nya, Yang Maha Kuasa..cuba lah perbaiki diri dan jangan biar kita menjadi jahil.Allah amat mengasihi hambaNya. Namun tidak semua yang sedar akan petanda yang diberikan. kita kerdil dan jijik sebenarnya..saya sayu memikirkan apa yang telah saya lalui.satu pengajaran besar bagi saya seumur hidup dan dari situ juga saya lihat bahawa Allah masih sayangkan saya...

lately my entries turn out to be so serious.sorry,but now i tend to think bout serious stuff and no I'm not trying to put my fun and sengal life don't worry guys.maybe this is just a sign that I am fit for my age :) ouh and one more thing, I realized that my attention nowadays has been drawn to the blog.i have to admit that i have been quite obsessed in posting more and more entries, as whenever i turned on my laptop, the first and foremost thing is to update my blog and do some blog-walking.i just love to read other people blog because they really express their feelings in each of their entries.i learned good and new things here..friendship, family bonding, betrayal bla..bla..bla..seriously, it opens my eyes.crazy bout blogging, i even encourage my friends to create a blog and do the same thing like me hahaha

April 16, 2010



a serious topic indeed

i have friends that pierce their nose and i think it looks fine on them.some said nose piercing was cool but does Islam permits you to do that??
curious bout the issue i google some information related to that topic.

most results shows that nose piercing is dangerous and it is prohibit to muslim.hanya bahagian tidak bertulang sahaja boleh di tindik untuk tujuan berhias..hidung ada tulang x???hahaha sindiri jawap.if this is about you want to look prettier,then you should think of other way rather than harming yourself OK?

616. Hukum Wanita Betindik Di Hidung Soalan:
Apakah hukumnya saya bertindik di hidung .. saya masih menutup aurat dan saya bertindik di hidung sekadar suka-suka?
Mimi, KLumpur
Bagi sesetengah wanita di Arab bertindik di hidung adalah untuk mempercantikan diri. Jika tujuan menindik tersebut untuk dipersembahkan k
epada suaminya maka hukumnya boleh (harus). Tetapi jika untuk dipamerkan di hadapan khalayak ramai, maka jelas hukumnya haram. Wallahu A'lam.

ouh another thing is bout wearing ring on your foot fingers.this is allowed depends on its purpose. i suggest you to wear anklet rather than wearing a ring on your foot part. they are more noticeable and niceeee, its up to you to choose what best for you =) I'm just trying to give information and if this entry annoys you..please accept my apology.

zaman dahulu kala!!!!!

ouh saya di tag!!GAMBAR ZAMAN SEKOLAH DAHULU yeay =) credit to jaja and thank you for bringing the memory back in mind. TERIMA KASIH SANGAT!!!!actually i still keep some of those picture in a cd..

I'm a fat rat (-,-")

meet my x-roommate (ditengah tuh).cantik kan???hahaha
wanita HOT ketika itu =)

kami 6 ketol =)

p/s: ade kawan saya cakap, cube apiz tgk gambar neyh..di nak ko lg tak??? DAMN!!!!

April 15, 2010

see what i've done to the blog..HAHAHAHAHHA..ugly isn't it????

haha..kutuk lah kalau mahu


i can spend my whole day on the seriously doing some blog-walking and updating the new entries really took my time.i mean a lots of time!!!! DANG!! even hafiz said so.maybe i should stop posting more entries from now on.and now I'm acting like i have finish taking the final exam..DAMN LAH!!!!

I don't even touch a book today (facebook is not a book okeh).mentang-mentang ko exam ko-k sabtu neyh xnak std lah???arghhh pfft..

I think I better go to ptsl tonight and study magnet =|


today is fun fun and lots of fun yeay :) i wish my everyday life will be exactly the same just like today, I hope YOU always be with me and laugh bout the crazy and funny things that we've done.
TERIMA KASIH untuk hari ni *hugs*


p/s: i'm taking FORMSPRING seriously now.if you have any question to ask and it is bothering you.just let me know..-kindly FORMSPRING ME PEOPLE!!!!-


April 13, 2010


I've settle my first paper for finals, not bad =| some questions really blank me and few of them i tembak je hahaha come on lah this is MCQ what you expect me to do??leave the OMR sheet blank?? NO WAY!!! hope for better performance for next paper on Saturday =) thank you to ZATY,FRENA and my new friend SAL for the math lesson yesterday =) i owed you guys!!!thanks again..

minta maaf ye en. syahmi xdpt dtg celebrate birthday kamo
you still look good for your age hahaha


April 11, 2010

what so called "a stacs day with piah"

kerana anda mungkin Dr. Liong akan sayang saya lebih pasni hahaha
don't get too panic yeah, we still have time =)
thanks a lot for today...and also for the long walk we have hahaha
you make me push myself to study harder


April 9, 2010

note from RUBY

the best friend forever note =)

again I'm touched, thank you ruby for being such a good friend =') at this moment, seriously i am damn missing all of my close friends.hope we can be friends till eternity and share good and bad things together, laugh bout all the funny and great thing we've done guys are the people that i don't want to lose!!!truly, it feel different without you guys around me.the situation never been the same like before..hope can meet up again =)

terima kasih ye ruby ; )
btw thanks also for the nice pic of me with you n apiz hahaha

April 8, 2010

i have to finish study math by today!!! pathetic huh??? adoi!! like i said i never been ready for the exam =| i lose the blossom to write recently, sorry people for the very short entry ideas and i ain't got nothing to share. please, don't condemn!!! if you have problem liking it than you may leave..shuhh-shuhh =)

let me remind you that this is my space for me to express my own thoughts, emotions, and other things that matters including some irrelevant,nonsense and random stuff that I just have to share with other people.
Don't think because of you I'm going to change the whole thing. plus, i don't believe in changing myself for anybody except for a good reason.

believe me, I'm just trying to share and to spill out all the nonsense thoughts that I have in mind with you guys. Following me not getting you to hell nor heaven hahahaha...sorry if I'm rude,I'm just protecting myself.

good day =)

i love you
missing you damn a lot and I guess that's why everything just don't feel right

hahaha..silly =)

April 7, 2010

the exam is getting near and it is time to take study in serious account.please!!!! I'm hoping for something great to happen ...something miracle like getting a good result ahahaha =) ouh don't worry guys, I'm still going to update even in exam mode ;) good luck friends!!!!

p/s: welcome to the new followers.timekaseh yehh =)))


April 5, 2010




untok kek yang "kreatif" neyh.hahaha

April 3, 2010

i speak fluent Malay and broken English.i can write but i seldom speak.haissh, no wonder I'm still using english pasar in my everyday life..i salute people who best in both talking and writing =) I've met some and they are great!!!!i envy you people boo-booobooo...seriously, MUET band cannot be count in judging people capability in using aren't good enough if you cannot speak well!!! okeh enough talking..been googling and fbooking 24/7.


today no fun lah =| so quiet,so soo dull..hope tomorrow gonna be lot better.

April 2, 2010

I'm relief.seriously I'm gonna miss you guys =)
here i present you...

GEJOLAK's crew

i have some more videos to share.. enjoy!!!

sorry for the bad video xrotate pon video tu..sory2

the performance was awesome!!!!!..
kepada sesiapa yang dah banyak tolong geng setting..!!!!!terima kasih sangat..
terima kasih lagi untuk muiz yang bemurah hati send us 4 back =')
nanti set date eh.hahaha

setting's crew..

p/s: for more picture, please view my fb page.tq

April 1, 2010

ruby!!!kami sayang awak :D

i don't feel great today and starting to feel sick =| maybe it because of the heavy rain. *sigh* something bad happened and blow my happy2 mood away.please don't let me go through this again and again.this is just too much and it gets me upset =( sorry if i am accusing you.maybe i should stop to reprimand atau yang seangkatan dengan menegur..rebuke ke apa-ape yang have same meaning with that word.I'll stop if you want me to..

follow the link..
it really touched me.. =')
we love you dear