April 26, 2010

end 1

i have put my blogging activity to a full stop.soon i will abandon my fb too hahaha can't believe i write this in conscious :P but yeah this is seriously true, maybe in few days more you won't see anymore updates from me.I'm sorry but certain thing is better left unsaid and be share with someone you called best friend or whoever you close to.. well this is not bout me loss issue to be jot no no there are things I've been thinking to share with you all handsome and gorgeous peeps hehe but in the same time I am afraid that the entries will irritate some of you and they'll get annoy with me :| so i decided to shut everything and keep it personal.

my first year of degree will end in four days time, wah just can't wait to go back home :) but seriously it will be my hardest time since i have move to Malacca and he is still in KL area :| sigh..the worse part is we won't meet up till July.dang!!.i will miss YOU even more :'| ouh and another thing is little by little my attention to this write-everything-i-want activity fade out haha maybe I'm the kind of person who get bored i have something big to be done wuuuttttttt!!!! kindda excited bout it hahaha.

guys i will write a lot this time, takot kamo semua rindu saya nanti hoho :P I'm still in exam mode and have two more papers left and both of them are killing me.hope the result will turn out to be ok since my carry marks was a disaster.but anyway, everything will end soon and i still can't believe that i've almost complete my 1 year study..wah 2 sems feels like 2 minutes,things come and go fast like a rocket weeeee~~what i can say here is treasure the life and your friends before its to late, get to know people around you better and make friends with other :) cuz here, friends is what you really need and don't isolate yourself yeah.don't stick to a friend only make lots and lots of friend.seriously you'll agree with what I'm saying when you're in my shoes.true friend is the one who always be with you :) ouh and I still can't remember the names and route to certain building here.just know I am confuse where Lobi Utama is, haha shame on me that is the place near my theater training where i have spend half of my 1st year life here.damn lah!!!

there are some moments that touched me inside and i will never forget.the sweet,fun and joyful things..the serious conversation i have with my friends especially ULYA,ZATY AND PIAH cuz they are the closest person with me here.thank you for being such a wonderful friends I'm talking like I almost graduate and leave the university hahaha stop it..
so much to tell but i think i have to stop now.later i will post one more entry and that will be the last one haha.i dunno when to continue blogging again after this.sorry gtg EM is calling me huuu..wish me luck for the exams.I am crossing my fingers and hope not to forget all those formula and theory i have memorize yesterday :|

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