September 25, 2010


i lost my appetite, i worry too much and stress up like hell! :| i keep feeling anxious bout nothing.STUPID me :( the workload burdening me lots :| I'll get emotional easily nowadays and that freak me out. i miss my family damn much and i often hope to hang out with him again :| i didn't perform well in my midterm test.shit!

September 8, 2010

sometimes i am over react and think too much bout something that i shouldn't. even it is now not in my control and it is something that i won't be able to change, clearly i can't resist myself to get into that thing.the sorrow of feeling guilt and regret of being a sucks hope giver is enough i think.i am drowning in problem that i actually created.maybe time will tell whether it will abate and let me calm like i used to be before.whether to accept it or not, life must move on, whether I'm going to give you fake smile or pretend to be very pleasant and happy is all up to me.all i need now is just a break.i wish this is the full stop cuz i won't bear to deal with it anymore.i have plenty of things to be taken care of, so this problem should be at the back of my head from now on. but yet i am still feeling guilty :|

September 7, 2010

please, please and please just stay out of my sight for sometimes. seeing you (even its not for real) there makes me want u back in my life :| i am losing grip

September 3, 2010

the picture hurts me lots. JUAL IKAN

September 2, 2010

when the berbuka food is FREE...

just got back from berbuka puasa program with anak yatim at PMFST. it was ok and the food is.. well can't comment much cuz its free hahah :) for 2 days i had my berbuka for free :) damn good! it feel awesome hahaha yes i know i am a lil bit kedekut when comes to spend money especially for food. say whatever you like, it won't change me a bit.well, nothing much to say here actually, just hope to keep updating and ouh i notice some of my followers have "runaway" arghhhh!!!! so frustrated =,=" emo lahhhh! never mind do it as you wish and wtever you like :| for those who still stick around, i heart u so muchhhhh!!!! hahaha :) ty.bye

September 1, 2010

I'm in doubt to post something =,=" if as planned i should post it yesterday or few days before. OK its due, so lets forget bout it :|


anyway i'm taking this opportunity to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NAIM!!! yeah its your birthday :) wish you gain endless happiness and please stop following me ok? haha kidding, he's my old friend from MRSM and till now we still study in the same place, what makes different is we didn't enrolled in the same course..may Allah bless you and hope you achieve success in whatever you do :) cepat lah kau dapat gf, kate hensem hahaha!!!