March 31, 2010

dear you..
i miss you..

its about april

do you ever felt to write and suddenly when you're excited to start then your mind when blank.all the ideas fly away and vanish..puff!!!just like you???or it just me who experienced this??

p/s: I'm worried i will miss magnet class at 8am tomorrow but i can't sleep yet. *sigh* got a lots of theater practice tomorrow.if I'm not mistaken it will be at 10am,5pm and 9pm (usual practice) and the performance is getting near.wutttt3..ouh April is going to be my busy all day need to mention the thing I'm busy about..i got plans for 4th and 5th April and presentation bout "Putu Wijaya" on Friday or Saturday.the study week will start next week which is on 5th till 11th of on 13th to 28th is EXAM MODE..gosh!!!!the
exam is getting near and i never be ready for such things :| I'm going to be busy till May..-sorry-

bye peeps!!! hahaha..

today's pictures

ketika buat gila di bilik ekin gemop =P

March 29, 2010

im begging you

please understand the workload i have and i am trying to give the best commitment ever..please and please i beg for understanding..

p/s: sorry if my entries is easily being misunderstood.sorry for the errors and misspell..english saya tak hebat pon..maaf ya

March 28, 2010

moment of recovery..wiiiihehehe

im not in mood to updates.but dont worry im so ok right now =))) terima kasih kepada mereka yang mengembalikan mood indah saya hahaha..thanx to you also sayang smiling ear to ear baby!!!!!lalalala terima kasih banyak2..see i told ya the pain and burdens will be me.when you're sick and down just go meet and talk to your love doesn't matter if that someone is your boyfriend,best friends or family.but in my doesn't count..tak kisah lah pasal tu, but you sure have to take this seriously.. so people dont be so isolated go have fun and find new friends!!its worth you know..they really will chill you up =) make friends is fun you see..

so keep smiling people and let the positive aura encounters you!!!!!

last minute cancelation =(

im still in bangi.for some reasons i cancel out my plan to go home this morning..lepas text ayah pagi td lah.then he promise to come visit me here this april.Erm.. well, im not hoping too much for that.. i guess today is my unlucky day...(gloomy) =(( i want march to end fast..sangat xseronok march tahun ni!!


dear friends...
i will be away to MELAKA till monday.yehaaaaa!!!!!
at this time i am buzy packing up my stuffs to bring home. laundry is seriously needed!
i really need to go home to stress free myself and cheer myself up..rindu mereka bagai nak gilak!!
so..till then friends.there will be latest updates on tuesday,insyallah..

p/s: it is normal for people to cry whenever they are stress do i.terima kasih sayang =')

we're so close together and they are my hapiness

March 27, 2010

a reconstruction
dont you think it looks lame before????


hello y'all we meet again =))
im sory you guys,i been sooo soo so busy lately.SORRY
here the story for this crazy afternoon..
and this time its a big one..besar punye hahahaha..sangat selamba smuggle masok bilik aku!!!!so people dont dare to leave your room's windows open yeah especially when you're sleeping..they sure will clean up your food stock and left your room upside cannot imagine how d and i deal with this.. (-.-")