December 31, 2009

hi hi!!! gosh last few days was a blast!!!! i'm celebrating my birthday with my love one and friends. millions of thanks to siffo,ejok,paxxen and tedu...kek tu boleh tahan =)) kamu semua saya sayang!!! well i will post the pictures later on cuz i left my cabel..SEKARANG DEKAT RUMAH!!!!yeeehaaa...

p/s: sygku..i will stop cursing from now on..xoxo

December 28, 2009

hi buddies!!! ouh sorry i couldn't post any entry till now..but to make things better this are some UPDATES bout things I've done and been through for last three here are the updates..

24th Dec 2009

I'm registering for my lab-computer class. We (me,ekin and paxxen) got there early but the Chinese have got there first. seems like they are always earlier. after some pushing and struggling i manage to get myself into Thursday's class which i think my height comes in handy hahaha now i see the privilage of having 168++cm heigh.
then i rush to midvalley to meet hafiz =)) its been long time that we did not meet each other and you should know how i feel at that time..HAPPY.. so the first thing i notice when meeting him is he's hair is longer the last time we met haha obviously he need a haircut..yeah i push him alots so that i can see the "cak-cak" hairstyle again and he refused..aishh
we head back after having "BENTO" a japanese food which i prefered to call as BEN10 cuz i think its easier to be memorise hahaha.. well the veges taste awfull. i don't ever touch the veges but hafiz suceed to finish it all hehe..HEBAT KAN???

i bet that you dont dare to eat the green thingy..

26th Dec 2009

meet hafiz again yippi =)) and coincidencely we wore the same shirt's colour eventough it dont look so obvious but who cares hahaha..we have breakfast then at mamak stall near BB =) i always love to have breakfast with you hunn..I LOVE YOU
we walked alots today..which in turn give aches and pains to my shoes were adding up the pain and makes my feet turn pale red..but it doesn't matter as long as i walked with him the pains are forgotten..


27th Dec 2009

I hope that all my dreams will come true and things goes well as i planned. 27th is the best day ever =))) thank you to all my friends for the birthday wishes and thanx alots to my dear too for the breakfast, movie, McD's prosperety burger that we have..ouh3 and also for the cute little cake..yep it is small but too much enough for the two of us..i think i ate most of the cake hehehe. well its a very happy day that i couldn't stop replaying all that in my mind..recalling every detail i could and trying all my best not to forget it..

ini kek nye...hoho

December 23, 2009


ouh3..cant wait for tomorrow =)

tapi saya bahagia
ouh3 jumpa kamu semua lepas break yeah???
krismas tahun ni saya suka =D
terima kasih kepada mereka yang buat saya gelak banyak sgt minggu ney..

p/s: im enormously expensive, hard to obtain, endlessly useful and interesting x) im so enjoying being me..happy happy

December 22, 2009

the 2nd day: SKIP CLASS!!!!

i started to skip class today haha..overslept..and i think i will do that again this Thursday. just cant wait to meet hafiz again which im not sure when huhuhu i miss him a lots and i know he miss me to =)) love u hunn..jeez tomorrow going to be my very first busy day..i have 3 classes to attend which i barely able to skip..aish i have to get use to it..well people im updating this blog using ulya's lappy and thanks to her that she let me borrowed hers so i can post more and more entry just like i promise you all in the post had been 2 nights that i spend my time here "lepaking" in ulya's room and gossiping with zaty,piah and miza.thank god i have them as my friends.SAYANG KORANG!!..ouh i think this is enough for today long daaa..

December 21, 2009

go-go sem two!!!!!!

beginning of sem2
-not so tiring
-only have one class erm.. the other class(tech math2.) have been last minute canceled
-borrowed some books "HEART CONDITION"

p/s: i love my family and i'm still en. hafiz full time lover =))

December 20, 2009

im promoting ayah's works???

YEP ayah ku kartunis (jawapan khas utk en. loki) the way he not only illustrated TOYOL but other cartoons too. hes good..ok2 enough promoting haha

ayah's artwork 2

December 18, 2009


-ayah go back to malacca
-i took pictures of ayah's artworks so he can update his blog easier without me in home
-finish packing mak's things to move into malacca
-i almost finish reading the book i mention in the earlier post
-i now realize how terrible my vocabs are
-need new superb dictionary!!!!
-cant wait for 27th, though im not celebrating it with my least apiz is there to share the precious moment. I MISS HIM!!!..i love u.i love u.i love u..
-im not excited to go back to ukm =(((
-i need to be more frisky to face the upcoming semester 2

one of ayah's artworks
-the toyol-

December 17, 2009


MORNinG people!!!yeah too morning i guess hahaha..owh3 i got my result though and it is just like what im expexted not too bad and not too least there is no "CENDOL" which mean i pass my dad's quota =)) erm to ukmians outhere who perform better...thousands congrat!!!! you all deserve that..and for those who are not..there will be a second chance and dont ever give up!!! NO HARD FEELINGS ok??? life is full of rivalry dont you think??
owh..there is just few days left for me to say bye to my overdose-sleep-time =( (frown) huhu i have to enroll for my 2nd sem this sunday and i still have several things to be accomplish before return to UKM..

-finish up reading the goblin-thingy-book
-help mom pack her stuff and apparel to move in to malacca
-update the blog as recent as i can

hoho..and i already set some goals for my upcoming 2nd sem life..hehe
-improve my decency and stop all the uncouth things like i mean it
-I think i wanna be bold and loud
-get all the notorious people hell out of my life
-study harder and lepak less
- read more and more like thousands of books per week
-spend more time with love one

hmm this is just some of it curtly..i dont think i'll reveal others and let it be my friends i guess this is it for now..-ADIOS-

December 11, 2009

the return..

olaa..people its been awhile since i posted something on this blog..just now my x-classmate post something on my fb's wall n i feel like writing again =D..ouhh3 im really not into see i dont give my full attention to it and now i wonder why i have that stupid thought of creating this not a good writer, aisshh i think im BEST in writing nonsense and idiotic stuffs only haha..-ADIOS-