December 22, 2009

the 2nd day: SKIP CLASS!!!!

i started to skip class today haha..overslept..and i think i will do that again this Thursday. just cant wait to meet hafiz again which im not sure when huhuhu i miss him a lots and i know he miss me to =)) love u hunn..jeez tomorrow going to be my very first busy day..i have 3 classes to attend which i barely able to skip..aish i have to get use to it..well people im updating this blog using ulya's lappy and thanks to her that she let me borrowed hers so i can post more and more entry just like i promise you all in the post had been 2 nights that i spend my time here "lepaking" in ulya's room and gossiping with zaty,piah and miza.thank god i have them as my friends.SAYANG KORANG!!..ouh i think this is enough for today long daaa..


  1. Yo dear! U skipped class? naughty!!!!!
    take care dear! love ya! muahx!

  2. hehe..i got reasons lorh
    eh fatin aku da jd folowers ko tau..hahaha

  3. owh ye ke. jap jap kt jd follower ain lak. kt dh jmpa butang nak click. haha
    weyh, slamat dating!