March 12, 2011


hi :) it will be a very short entry i guess sebab damn penat baru balik jumpe Apiz :) thanx btw dear, RAWRR!! *in case you don't get it, just click HERE* it worth much, even i have to huddle into bunch of people and get someone step on my feet :| adoihai! ye memang sakit di kaki dan juga di hati. cik-cik nak gurau-gurau main pepsi-cola-aiskem-soda game tu kat tempat lain lah, dalam tren jugak kau mau main :| nasib kuku xde yang cagu, bhahaha kalau tak mesti lagi sakit :P

berani ekau pijak kaki den?!!

uhuhu, sory la. i memang suka main pijak kaki orang. lagi-lagi kalau u pakai kasot murah.ops!

i always want to read more, but i'm afraid that i won't finish reading the book. pathetic isn't it? some book really caught my eyes back at MPH and BORDERS just now, tapi saya tiada budget untuk buku tersebut, lagi pon this month dah terbeli satu buku and i still didn't finish reading it.damn! i realize it's not about the contain of the book that made me feel so excited to buy, but the book's cover itself did :| ok, again let me remind you, never ever be way too excited bout something or you'll get heartbroken :| haih! in my case, after reading few pages of that book then i found out that i only attracted to some sub-topic in it only and that some sub-topic only been elaborated just for one and half page :| how loser is that? aiyo tolong la!!! but it is never too late, i used to be one of ulat buku back then :O ok it's way way back in year 2005 lah. so what's the matter? at least i am one of ulat buku.booooo!!!!

seriously not being a good reader effected me lots, some of them english is gettin suck man! grammar tungang terbalik all over and my vocabs turned out to be like i'm-still-a-school student-and-i-only-read-text-book type :| dang! general knowldege juga makin surut macam haram :| kau memang loser tahap gred A Ain!!! hebat-hebat =,="

so angkat tangan siapa nak belanja NURUL AIN buku? weirdo?hahaha i guess so.HOH rilek lah bukan mintak belanja makan pong, buku je kooottt.. ^^"v

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