December 17, 2009


MORNinG people!!!yeah too morning i guess hahaha..owh3 i got my result though and it is just like what im expexted not too bad and not too least there is no "CENDOL" which mean i pass my dad's quota =)) erm to ukmians outhere who perform better...thousands congrat!!!! you all deserve that..and for those who are not..there will be a second chance and dont ever give up!!! NO HARD FEELINGS ok??? life is full of rivalry dont you think??
owh..there is just few days left for me to say bye to my overdose-sleep-time =( (frown) huhu i have to enroll for my 2nd sem this sunday and i still have several things to be accomplish before return to UKM..

-finish up reading the goblin-thingy-book
-help mom pack her stuff and apparel to move in to malacca
-update the blog as recent as i can

hoho..and i already set some goals for my upcoming 2nd sem life..hehe
-improve my decency and stop all the uncouth things like i mean it
-I think i wanna be bold and loud
-get all the notorious people hell out of my life
-study harder and lepak less
- read more and more like thousands of books per week
-spend more time with love one

hmm this is just some of it curtly..i dont think i'll reveal others and let it be my friends i guess this is it for now..-ADIOS-

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