September 2, 2010

when the berbuka food is FREE...

just got back from berbuka puasa program with anak yatim at PMFST. it was ok and the food is.. well can't comment much cuz its free hahah :) for 2 days i had my berbuka for free :) damn good! it feel awesome hahaha yes i know i am a lil bit kedekut when comes to spend money especially for food. say whatever you like, it won't change me a bit.well, nothing much to say here actually, just hope to keep updating and ouh i notice some of my followers have "runaway" arghhhh!!!! so frustrated =,=" emo lahhhh! never mind do it as you wish and wtever you like :| for those who still stick around, i heart u so muchhhhh!!!! hahaha :) ty.bye


  1. ain mmg suke makanan....tak kesah la free ke tak kan..OK.TQ ;)

  2. atik kuang ajaQ..bia la mau makan

    fi: background die itam kot..nmpak je nihhh ak ng atik ley bace..lmbt loadin kot kat lappy ko

  3. atiq suke ain kne buliSeptember 2, 2010 at 10:34 PM

    hahahhaah...comment jujur dri haty yg ekhlas...~ ;)

  4. ko nye name memg xnak tarok sedap agi ke???