April 22, 2010

satu dua tiga empat hari ni saya dapat banyak feed-back dari mereka yang baca blog nih. surprisingly, they really follow my updates :) i love you all gorgeous peeps hahaha..

cuma pesanan mereka "ko jgn nak menjiwa san
gat hahahahaha"

yeah, i know that will be the entries bout me and apiz :) sorry, I'm just happy and expressing it and I just hope you guys have a good life as well. believe me there is other blogger who did the same.minta perhatian,this is my blog and because it's mine i can write whatever i want.if it's annoyed you then why bother to read hohoho

haha..apsal xpuas ati lagi??

p/s: you're something serious to me.
Looking forward to meet up with you later :)


  1. relax je ain...
    blog ko best la...
    nie kan perjalanan hidup kamu... =)
    so ain...
    abaikan je apa org nk ckp..
    just keep it up k... =)