July 17, 2010

saturday means B-O-R-I-N-G

just finish my laundry and I'm in piss off mood right now :| i had a tough night yesterday, and it all end up with my eyes swollen and it sores a lots..demm!! okay lets not talk bout things past, today i have breakfast with PIAH and ZATY at Pusan, we all have the same menu for breakfast except for Zaty, she didn't put much add up ingredient into the bubur but never mind different people have different thought right? anyway Zaty's bubur still taste awesome :) me likey hahaha..

ouh suppose today i have KO-K class at ATMA and the girls (Piah and Zaty) are in the same class as well but it is cancel and we're not inform bout that. terima kasih lah for let us waiting :| they really should let us know in the first place or at least announce it in SPIN..grrr

so now, i am alone here in my room kerana Piah telah meninggalkan saya untuk menemui bonda nya and we'll be meeting again after 24hrs hahaha kejap kan? it feels quiet here :| the geology girls are off for their fieldwork and only me and Zaty left here. been thinking to lepak-lepak at Zaty's room but i think she is still having her good nap right now :| maybe later i 'll go check.this is the situation that i will be facing over and over again for every weekend haiyoooo.busan laa :|okeh need to off now,till then :) adiossss!!!!!