July 15, 2010

wiheee i only have 2 class for today :) but I'm still not register for another WT course yet. i was hoping to get into TTS class but its full and Mr. Prof. ask us to find other WT class ceh!! sayang betol, the lecturer is very nice and from what i heard TTS is easy to score :( so i decided to take astronomy class but there are clashes with other subject demmm :| hope the add drop problem will be settle by tomorrow.

i am planning to go to ptsl and find some references, serway book is no more number one reference book now hahaha and If i were to buy the references book it will cost me a lot of money -,-" that will be my second choice of course. I am not expecting much on the quality of the book i get from PTSL cuz so far it is never satisfying. maybe I'll go find some good books at borders or mph if i don't find any references book that i can use. we'll see bout that tonight.

ouh thanks to Zaty for accompanying me today hahaha pergi menegakkan hak pengguna. haishh apek lu nasib hensem tau kalau tak wa sudah kasi marah sama lu..After problem settle, we have breakfast at the bakery in PUSAN :) bubur tu sedap and i am ashamed to admit this is my first time having that bubur hahaha bak kata Timah lambat sungguh ko!!

Life been great right now except for my budget issue and not meeting up with Apiz, the add drop problem also will be settle soon, i hope :) Encik Apiz i am looking and waiting to meet up with you again.ouh and if you're reading this entry, please don't forget to text me your address ye Encik :) ilysm