August 24, 2010

almost a month without updates is serious :| been thinking to cancel out my account and focus on things that i should. anyway salam ramadhan to all of you :) haha at least i have things to say here now ngeeee...(grinned) behave and don't get too excited waiting for Syawal, spice up the ramadhan with amal and ibadah or you'll regret hohoho look who's talking :P now i sounds much like ustazah right??. the mood and feel for this ramadhan is different from last year :) terima kasih to PIAH, ULYA, JATY, KAK WAN, KAK EWA and CHA-CHA that they enlighten up my puasa day :) xoxo

p/s: hope that i am free on Saturday..aiyoOooOOO please lahhhhh !!!!!

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