January 6, 2011

sangat malas update ape-ape sekarang nih =,=" dari FB sampai sini, layan malas je aku nih. HAHAHA dah lepas 6 hari kan tahun baru? orang lain dah lame run through azam lama n build up azam baru.aku x pon :| xpelah time maal hijarah xkecoh pong.nanti aku improvise lah azam lame.mane yang cicir aku buat jugak tahun ni. Insyallah :) past 2 years was tough, not even for me but my family and some close friends. having wavy love life is something that i have to deal with last year but things turn out to be just fine and i am now very happy with that ;D i adore my dad a lots. he is my superhero, anyway what else can i say :) he's like a big building block that protect us all.maki cela orang memang banyak aku telan peh! :| but i'll forgive them all and it sure takes time to forget what they did.sorry. i realize certain people can be very materialistic, i hope they'll seek forgiveness from my dad and hey, what comes around will turn around aren't they? that person should really repent himself. kita hidup bukan lama, buah xmasak pun boleh gugur kan? shame on you for putting tears on my mom and Dayah :( patot kau ingat siapa tolong kau masa susah dulu. haish ayah memang marah sangat if one of us keep saying bout this.well i'm a lil bit teary now :'( have to cut this out.what makes me feel happier and kinda relief now is my family's life is gettin better :) Alhamdulillah, trust me rezeki tu ada dimana-mana dan bila-bila sahaja Allah boleh kasi ;)


anyway, i heart Wednesday! wooo00OO :D

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